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    Welcome to Connecticut Trail Runners! We are a social community of trail runners across Connecticut. Let's hit the trails together!

    Our events are suitable for everyone from an experienced trail runner to someone who has never run on trails before. All paces and skill levels are welcome. We typically go out in two or three packs, with varying levels of intensity and speed. Below is a brief summary of what we offer, and information on how to sign up for automated event notifications.

    Tuesday Night Runs
    Every Tuesday, we run at West Hartford Reservoir #1, then head over to McLaddens for some post-run food and beers! This is a regular event, and will occur unless cancelled.

    We will be running every Tuesday in 2016 until Daylight Savings time ends!

    Weekend Runs
    Every other Saturday, we put on an "exploratory" run.
    We switch up the old routine and get you out to some new, less familiar trails.

    Email Sign Up
    Please "like" our Facebook page to receive notifications of events. We also manage an email list, for more formal communications. Please send us a note, and we'll add you to the list. Thanks!

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    Joining our community is easy! Use the following steps in order to register your account and begin posting to the forums and following our events!

    1) Click "register" in the upper right
    2) Follow the instructions on the page
    3) You're good!

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    Please find a wiki-style database of trails in CT by following the link below.

    This is a public document that everyone can edit. We encourage you to add your own favorite trails to it.

    Please provide as much information as possible, and follow the formatting standards used in the existing entries. Feel free to edit existing entries for inaccuracy. Thanks much

    *** CT Trail Running Database ***

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